True Detective – Season 1: Episode 8



We discuss the finale of season 1 of True Detective! How many of Joey’s predictions come true? Did Josh spot anything new upon his 3rd viewing?

We spend some time at the top talking about how purposeful Errol Childress’ accent usage is, and how tied that is to his mental state. We debate whether or not Errol is intellectual and intelligent, or simply raving mad. We make some connections between Rust and Childress surrounding their ideologies. We analyze the big moment near the end of the episode, and break down Rust’s experience with darkness. All this and more! Please join us in discussing it by leaving a comment!

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True Detective – Season 1: Episode 4

posterWe discuss ep4 of True Detective season 1. We both agree this is the farthest departure in terms of main vibe and theme of the show this far, with little to offer as far as analysis of any Eldritch undertones. Our discussion veers off to discuss extended shots in film and television and the nuances of acting out difficult social situations.







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